AlcoSense Elite Breathalyzer & alcohol tester – “What Car” Best Breathalyser under £100 – MULTI LIMIT

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17.8% OF DRINK DRIVE CONVICTIONS HAPPEN THE MORNING AFTER!. The multi-award winning AlcoSense Elite is our flagship breathalyser. Where accuracy is your primary concern the AlcoSense Elite is your breathalyser of choice. The AlcoSense Elite is easy to use and has been designed to be as easy as possible to use and designed to fit in the palm of your hand. To activate the breathalyser all you do is slide the AlcoSense Elite open. Once open, it prepares the sensor and the screen will show a count down from 19 to 0, then it will display Blow. When it says blow, blow through the tube for approximately 5 seconds until it beeps. You Can't Get it Wrong! The AlcoSense Elite uses a revolutionary in built air flow sensor meaning that you can't blow too hard or too softly into the unit. It's Easy to Understand as the AlcoSense Elite unit shows your level of intoxication in either μg/l (micro-grams per litre of blood) or % BAC (percent of blood alcohol content) and shows your reading in increments of 0.01. It will even alert you when you are near or over the drink drive limit. With a Sleek Design and pocket size, it can discretely be kept anywhere. The AlcoSense Elite measures only 95mm (height) x 34mm (width) x 25mm (depth) when closed. It is powered by 3 x AAA batteries (included in the pack). The Alcosense Elite has an Auto Clean Feature which ensures the unit automatically performs a sensor clean after every time it is used, helping to keep the sensor in top condition and reading at its most accurate. With AlcoSense Elite's automatic sensor clean after every blow test the unit will continue to perform at its best throughout its lifetime. It's Reliable and uses the latest technology and innovations, such as sensor algorithm and automatic sensor maintenance. The AlcoSense Elite can be used again and again without losing accuracy meaning that it is a secure investment. Don't leave it to chance, order yours today .

Technical Details

  • Brand: AlcoSense
  • Item Weight: 222 g
  • Product Dimensions: 20.4 x 11.8 x 4.8 cm
  • Item model number: ELITE
  • Manufacturer Part Number: ELITE-MULTI

Customer Reviews

Avoiding the Ranks of Disqualified Drivers

 on 4 December 2017
By Peter H.
I bought one of these models because of the 5-star rating and the comments of others, plus the What Car? accolade, and have found that once set up (the UK offence is defined as microgrammes per litre of breath rather than, say, the US system which I guess is the alternative 'BAC' to which the machine can be set) it is very easy to use - just slide it open, stick a blow-tube on the nozzle and when the machine has finished its countdown, blow gently but steadily.


 on 19 March 2017
By Nick W.
We bought the AlcoSense Elite due to the good reviews and wanting to have some re assurance that on the 'morning after' we were fit to drive. We have used the breathalyser on a few occasions, at the end of a night out ( when we had no intention of driving) to see what the readings were. I was apparently fit to drive after a meal and two 5%ABV pints of lager, but it was recording a level close to the limit, so I suspect it is pretty accurate. The use on the mornings has confirmed alcohol being present on a longer pub session, but not over the limit unless done 07.00 for example.

And when to drink ye are inclined...

 on 10 February 2016
A couple of my friends bought these devices months ago and raved about the performance of them so I made a conscious decision to buy one. Let me make it clear that I am not someone who gets razzled every night but rather enjoys a glass or two of whisky of an evening before retiring. Quite often I have had to rise early and drive somewhere but have always felt reluctant to in case I have the old, "morning after result".

Not too accurate but a good guide

 on 30 December 2017
By delly
I’ve had this a week or so now and have tested it a fair bit. The instructions are clear that it’s only accurate to 0.2% BAC and that seems about right. There’s a warning too not to use immediately after or during drinking as it may damage the sensors and certainly give a false reading. I had a reading of 0.81% after a single Baileys chocolate, which dropped to 0.2% after 1 minute.

An excellent product all round

 on 16 July 2017
By Philip
The quality of this product seems excellent but I wish it were sold with a pouch of some sort to contain the machine itself and the blow-tubes.

Great Device. Worth spending a little extra. False economy to go for cheaper products.

 on 25 January 2017
By Debbie
I am very impressed with this device. It definitely seems to be one of the best around for an all up package.

Excellent Breathalyzer

 on 14 October 2015
By Steven Brown
Got this to give me some confidence that I wouldn't be over the limit the day after drinking, and I'm very happy with it.

So far so good!

 on 4 July 2017
By Mark
Had this little thing for a few days now. It arrived well packaged. Contained in the box was the AlcoSense Elite itself with 5 blow tubes, batteries and instruction booklet. Easy to set up, comfortable to hold, and the screen is visible when in use. It appears to be accurate as the results have been as expected. This is definitely more consistent than my previous breathalyser (which was much cheaper). I would say this is worth the extra money!

Like many purchasers of this product i primarily bought it ...

 on 29 June 2018
By sprinter
Like many purchasers of this product i primarily bought it to double check I was safe and legal to drive the morning after a night out. Recently I'v been at a lotof social occasions away from home, staying over at friends, weddings etc and I'm always worried the following day driving home, it may have been several hours since your last drink and you may feel fine, but there is always that risk. As a complete petrol-head and motorcyclist I simply couldn't loose my licence.
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