Auto Glym High Definition Wax, 150g

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  • How to use Autoglym High Definition Wax
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Autoglym High Definition Wax

Technical Details

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Customer Reviews

Lasting “Paint Protection” for a fraction of the Dealer Price

 on 21 October 2018
By P. Barclay
When I ordered my new Mercedes earlier this year, the dealer offered me the option of having STAR GUARD Paint Protection for a discounted price of only £299 instead of the usual £399. Having read many reviews, I decided to use Autoglym High Definition Wax instead. This involved washing and my car meticulously with Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo, polishing with Autoglym Super Resin Polish and then applying the High Definition Wax Kit. Other car products are available, but it made more sense to use everything from the same system. I was absolutely delighted with the result. It transformed the paintwork to a glass-like finish that shines really brightly and brings out the colours in my metallic blue paint. It has kept my paintwork beautifully protected for the past 3 months, making it far easier to keep clean. I followed the instructions carefully and didn’t need to use that my wax. There is plenty more left in the tin for several applications to both of our cars. This product isn’t cheap, but the results are definitely worth it.

Use wisely!

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 on 4 June 2014
By T. A. Stanyard
This is great stuff, I've done my car 3 times now in about a year and a half and still have plenty of wax left over. The effect of this is long lasting so it's not something you'll need to do every week. As usual the results are all in the preparation - this is explained on the pack, but essentially the car should be washed/shampoo etc and ideally have some intensive tar remover and other products over it to really get rid of the contaminants before this is applied. For the best results, get the Auto Glym surface detailing kit and go over it with clay - this leaves the paintwork silky smooth and gives you the perfect surface to apply the wax to. Don't delay putting it on, however, as if you've used stuff like the clay bar the paintwork is unprotected until you put it on - so it's not something you can finish off later! Good idea to make sure you have a few hours spare to really make a job of it.

A Visible Improvement!

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 on 26 September 2016
By Michael Hurst
Clay Barred my 08 CLS320CDI & then applied this Auto Glym High Definition wax, waxing/polishing individual panels so that I could consistantly do comparison tests on "reflected clarity". Following the application instructions a definite improvement was observed compared to the previous Meguiares NXT Tech Wax 2.0 I used, nearly achieving the "Wet Look" I aspire too. Durability of rain dispersing capability will be assessed in due course..

After years of using Super Resin Polish this is so much better

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 on 21 October 2012
By andrewchapple
I have always been disappointed with the durability of Autoglyms mainstream Super Resin Polish so when the change came to buy their carnuba based HD wax I thought I'd give it a try, reserving it for the more expensive cars that I sell. I started by using it on a black 911 and the results were impressive, it goes on with the damp applicator so easily and comes off lovely with a microfibre - I have never had that patchy finish that I get with other waxes. It's not cheap but it does last a while, I must have done around 20 cars before it ran out. Another benefit is that it doesn't matter so much if it goes on rubbers as it's just a wax not a white powder. It even brings up interior bits such as Piano Black on Audis or the plastic door trim bits on Golf Mk5. Autoglym suggest using their High Gloss Protection sealant to make it even more durable but so far I can state it doesn't wash off like SRP and leave white streaks so not sure whether it's necessary or not, without it seems pretty good.

Best Wax for me.

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 on 4 December 2014
By Chris
What can you say. I have been using this for many years. It does help keep my car 'Pristine'. I visited the Aston Martin factory some years ago and they had been using AutoGlym! What's good for them, is good for me. I use it 2-3 times a year. If I catch a branch of a hedge on narrow roads and the branch produces a slight scratch, I get back home, just a quick rub with polish...rewax that area and the scratch has gone. Just offers extra protection.

Gives a dazzling shine in next to no time.

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 on 19 July 2014
By MkStevo
The shine I get on the car after using this is dazzling. The polish lasts for a good few weeks and seems to not leave any residue (other than the sparkle) that needs to be taken off before re-application. I usually wash the car, use colour magic, polish with the High Definition Wax. Every week or so after I wash, shampoo, rinse with Demon Shine, buff. After a month or so I then repeat the colour magic High Definition Wax treatment. Honest John recommended the High Definition Wax and I can see why, the glossy shine it gives is superb, highly recommended.

Nice Wax

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 on 29 August 2013
By Mr. S. Wood
Great wax. Lovely shine. I usually use Turtle Wax ICE and on my car (silver/grey metallic) the Autoglym definitely looks lots better. I have a feeling on a solid colour it will look ace. To be honest I didn't think it was but as times gone on I've really come round to the finish. Like lots of people I did use clay to get rid of the stuck on stuff and applied as instructed. 150gms looks like it will last ages. It will be interesting to see how long the finish lasts. Four stars because there's always room for improvement. Recommended.

Excellent - gives fantastic finish.

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 on 24 September 2013
By kenneth dailey
1) Initially use High Definition Wax on car after using Bodywork shampoo and super resin polish. 2) Every week wash car down with warm clean water or sooner if muddy conditions. 3) Every month use Bodywork shampoo (every third month adding resin polish). I then intend to repeat 1) every six months, my car is black pearlescent car and it was really worth worth the 3 hours it took me to do 1) above.
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