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  • Autoglym Motorcycle Cleaner - Čistič motocyklov 1l
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Amazon Price: £10.74 £10.74 (as of 12/02/2019 7:31 am - Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Engine & Machine Cleaner is a paint safe degreaser that's gentle on the environment!Use Autoglym Engine Cleaner regularly to degrease and gently clean engines, wheel wells, bumpers, grilles, spoilers, mirror casings, trim, door seals, vents weather-strips, vinyl hoods and other plastic or rubber components. It works great on tyres too! Unlike harsh solvents or detergents, Autoglym Engine Cleaner will not remove the natural sheen from vinyl, rubber or plastic.Pack size 1litre trigger.Autoglym products are highly respected in over forty countries worldwide. They are approved by many of the worlds leading car manufacturers including Jaguar & Aston Martin.All Autoglym products are designed for ease of use as well as being unbeatable in their effect and combine to provide great value for money too!

Technical Details

  • Brand: Autostyle
  • Item Weight: 1.1 Kilograms
  • Product Dimensions: 39 x 21 x 25 cm
  • Item model number: AG 090017
  • Manufacturer Part Number: AG 090017

Customer Reviews

Use this stuff to clean your alloy wheels as well!

 on 6 November 2018
By Tyskie
I was actually looking for an iron remover to clean my alloy wheels with and luckily I read a review on one of their product pages that said to use this stuff instead as you get twice as much for the same price. I'm so glad I read that review! I've recently returned from a 2,400 mile round trip through Europe and my alloy wheels were absolutely caked in brake dust and other dirt from the road surface! I sprayed this stuff on liberally, waited a few minutes (I think you have to be careful not to let this stuff dry) and used my Wheel Woolies (definitely worth the investment if you're car proud) to agitate the most stubborn dirt and then I used a pressure washer to rinse it all off. I've got to say I was thoroughly impressed with how easily the dirt all came off! My wheels were sparkling within a matter of minutes!! Obviously I won't need to use as much product in future as I will try to keep the alloy wheels reasonably clean and clean them every couple of weeks or so, depending on how dirty they get. As I had my car detailed in recent months, I don't need to clean the engine bay but when I do I will be sure to use this stuff for that too!

Powerful cleaner and leaves a nice finish.

2 people found this helpful
 on 1 November 2016
By user1234
Cleans the engine bay up beautifully and gives a nice, long lasting glossy finish. I sprayed on one coat, left to soak and washed off. Sprayed on a second coat and with some light agitation e.g. toothbrush / cloth, the remaining dirt lfited off. My only hesitation is whether regularing cleaning of the engine with this will have a reverse effect (does the grease / dirt in there offer a layer of protection which removing it may worsen e.g. expose components to air and water causing them to rust).

Used for years on many cars, A++

 on 29 April 2018
By Darren Spillner
Big fan of this stuff. I have used it on all cars I have owned in the last 10+ years. Keeps engine bays reasonably clean so you don't look like a coal miner after working on the car. Liberally apply to engine bay, wait 5 mins, rinse off with hose (use very fine mist indirectly to avoid pushing water where it doesn't belong), follow up with AG vinyl and rubber product on the plastics, leave car to dry out over night. Perfect!

Effortlessly awesome

One person found this helpful
 on 2 May 2017
By Joshua Irwin
Very Impressed. I have been using other shampoo wash for my motorbike and it was just not working. I thought i would give this a go. After spraying on and leaving a couple of minutes, brushing then rinsing again the dirt and grease i have been trying to remove for months simply came away. Not only this but it has left a shiny polish protective feel and looks brand new. So easy and effective.

Superb for engine detailing and also removing brake dust!

 on 15 July 2018
By fogster
Superb on not only the engine bay but also for getting brake dust off alloys. Top tip - spray on, them agitate with a paint brush. Use micro fibre cloth to clean off the residue and repeat if necessary. Finish off with a silicone “cockpit shine” type treatment and the engine will look like new!

Works well

3 people found this helpful
 on 3 February 2017
By Tdw
Used to clean engine area of my car, does a good job. I just sprayed on, left for a few mins then wiped off with a dry cloth.

Fantastic Product

 on 29 October 2016
By Ejaz Moghal
Wow - what can I say, eight years of oil and grime gone. Engine looks brilliant. Just spray on leave for a moment. Agitate into machine parts or trims with a machine brush, then rinse with hose. Hey presto clean engine. It even took 8 years of exhaust and dirt build up from my double chrome exhaust tails. If you are into car detailing then this should be in your kit.

Excellent product English instructions would help

One person found this helpful
 on 2 November 2014
By Ian
I ahve used this many times before so know exactly how to use it. It does clean engines very well and under wheel arches gives and excellent clean. To finish under wheel arches spray all metal and suspension parts with a rust preventing oil. The instructions on the two containers I have just received are in foriegn languages this is no help to anyone who has never used this product before, following the instructions is most important.
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