BMW X1 Dog Guard (2009 – 2015) Original Travall® Guard TDG1250

This product fits the following vehicles :

-BMW X1 [E84] (2009 – 2012)
-BMW X1 [E84] (2012 – 2015)


High-quality mild steel with a unique scratch-resistant coating three times thicker than that found on competitor products. Unlike most other guards, which are sprayed, ours are dip-coated for a far smoother finish.


All Travall guards are laser-cut and precision engineered, with centre-line welding ensuring none of the burrs or sharp edges found on some competitor guards. The oval profile of the frame increases both strength and rear visibility.

– Innovative, vehicle-specific design
– A perfect, rattle-free fit – far superior to that of universal-style guards
– No messy drilling or vehicle modifications needed
– Easy to install in around 10 minutes
– Can be removed easily and quickly when not required
– Lifetime warranty

About Travall

This is an original-quality product from the world's leading brand of vehicle-specific dog guards and dividers, and just one of a range of essential accessories created just for the car you drive.

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