Car Window Sun Shade By Baby 1st: 2 Car Rear Side Sun Blocks – UV Protection For Babies, Kids & Pets – Quality Breathable Coverage Against Heat – Compatible With All Vehicles – Bonus Gift A Fun eBook

The Car Window Sun Shade Is The Best Purchase You Could Make Today!

Why? • It will protect your kids' sensitive skin from the sun.
• It will keep the temperature on the back seats cool and safe.
• It will allow the air flow so your kids can still feel the breeze.
• Your kids will be able to read or watch movies without sun glare.

The car window sun protection will absorb 84% of the harmful sunrays, according to the Australian Radiation Protection Agency.

Your children's safety is your number one priority, and this UV protection shade is here to help you keep them protected.

The window will be completely covered and your children will be safe under the cool shade of the car side sun shade.

Smart Built and Durable Materials

The car window sun protection is built to perfectly fit and cover the side windows all car models.

The pack includes 2 car side sun shades, so that you can install them on both sides of your car.

The high quality material is stretchy and unbelievably durable. You will never have to replace it!

Free Bonus Gift

Along with the side window sun protection, you will also get an e-book as a free bonus gift.

The book will show you many different games that you can play with your kids during car rides.

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