Cement or concrete removal

How to remove concrete splatter from a car paintwork safely?

Dry cement drops on the paint work of a vehicle is a common problem and experienced detailer should know how to deal with safely. It could be a slow process that requires experienced detailer. It requires a lot of patience.

The concrete itself is a mixture of cement, sand and gravel which are very damaging to a paint finish. When these ingredients are mixed together with water they produce concrete which turns to a hardened mass. Therefore to safely remove the concrete a chemical is required to dissolve the hardened concrete into a liquid mass. Scraping a dry concrete off the paint could cause a permanent damage. A safe way to remove the concrete from the paint is to dissolve the concrete.

There are some good product available on the market that can do this safely. These products turn the concrete back into a liquid and can be safely removed from the paint surface. Some of these products can be found on Amazon or check specialists chemical suppliers.

Even chemical products could be a risk if not using them properly. Operators should always read the product instruction to use. Wear recommended personal protection. Follow the product instructions carefully. Some of the chemicals could be harmful to the skin.

The product will do excellent job if used accordingly to the manufacturer’s guidance. It normally takes sometime until the concrete softens and can be safely removed without damaging the paint surface. This is why in most cases the detailers have to inspect the severity of the stains first before quoting for the job as it could take several hours.

Concrete drops also land on the plastic and glass components of the vehicle. The same procedure must be used according to the product manufacturer`s instructions.

There are some amature video tutorials on-line that recommend using muriatic acid. The problem is that the muriatic acid is a very strong chemical and could cause injury to the user and also can damage the fine finish of the paintwork. Usually this kind of damage to the paint finish is permanent.

Here is our quick guide to removing concrete safely. It will give you a step by step description of the process:

  • The vehicle need to be washed first before inspecting the paint finish.
  • It will be easy to identify the problem.
  • Chose the appropriate chemical product to turn the concrete back to its liquid state.
  • Wait for the product to work according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Rinse the splatter from the vehicle.
  • When removed, inspect the vehicle for damages and repair if required with paint sealant or carnauba wax.


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Hope this guidance has been helpful and will allow you to safely remove the concrete or cement spatter from your vehicle or if you would like us to do it please do not hesitate to give us a call on tel. 0203 417 9508.




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