Meguiar’s G7164EU Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner 1.89L

  • Meguiars Gold Class Car Wash test results and review on my 2009 Nissan 370z touring.
  • Snow Foam Lance Test : Meguiars Gold Class Car Wash Part #1
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Technical Details

  • Brand: Meguiar's
  • Model: ME G7164
  • Item Weight: 2.2 Kg
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 30 cm
  • Item model number: G7164
  • Manufacturer Part Number: G7164
  • OEM Part Number: G7164
  • Folding: No

Customer Reviews

Gold Class - indeed it is!

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 on 3 May 2017
Superb shampoo with amazing suds. I'm into my detailing and tried many different car shampoo's over the years and this one is up there with the best. My washing routine is the two bucket method with a lambs wool wash mit. - Rinse the car to get all the big contaminants off - wash with mit - rinse all soapy suds off - dry with a proper towel (I have a meguiars one) I was using autoglym shampoo & conditioner prior to this so can do a direct comparison. Well the difference is night and day. With gold class the mit glides over the paintwork due to the amount of suds it creates. To generate the same amount of suds with the autoglym product you need about 2xmore. Autoglym will now be used for the wheels only. Another thing to note is the shampoo has a very manly fragrance. Not sweaty BO, manly aftershave. Product was used in a 5L bucket. 3x cap fulls is more than enough,so will last a very long time. Managed to wash a 3 series BMW & VW polo with the same 5L bucket and there was still plenty remaining.

ah its good to be back

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 on 25 June 2018
By Brian
after making the mistake of using non-meguiars products thinking they're all the same, im back with this - SUCH a good shine afterwards as if youve waxed it. I recall the NXT is good for this too. This seems more buttery, NXT maybe good for winter as its less glossy but feel sliek its plastic coated the car. Wont strip wax like my waterless wash does, which is annoying when ive waxed it and it fills many of the daily driver day to day scratches, this tops up the wax. To be honest these days waxing only looks good for a day or two before the dust and dirt comes and you have to wash anyway - with a meguairs product you wash and it leaves the car lovely and glossy like its covered in buffed wax. I think NXT is slightly better for longevity. You may struggle in the sunshine as it dries quick leaving marks but fine in the shade, youll have time to go round and dry to a shine.

great value on amazon for great product.

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 on 12 November 2017
By stuley
I bought this a while back, gave half away and it still lasted ages...great stuff and a bargain on Amazon. Meanwhile I acquired a 4 litre turtle wax shampoo that I'd previously used for years but it isn't a patch on this wash. Went to nec classic car show meguiars stand today thinking I'd treat myself...(thinks: "it must be on offer here?") £18.50!! They must see us coming! No thanks...! Amazon again for me..... It really is good though...reckon the poor review given by thereat with the jag must be the result of grit in his sponge!!

Excellent - Will Never Look Back!

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 on 29 October 2018
By Jared Momple
Meguiar’s G7164EU Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner 1.89L - Incredible car shampoo. Cleans like no other, and the finish is excellent. I wax my car and plastics each time I use this, but even without them I'd say this provides a good coat for your paintwork. The gel is very thick, so a small amount goes a long way. I wash & wax once a month, and I reckon this will last 2+ years, so an excellent buy all round. I use this on my rims & tyres too with a large soft wheel brush. I don't trust the waterless & machine washing places, prefer to do it myself, and it's a good workout! Get your kids/partner involved and it's a fun family afternoon too.

Best car shampoo

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 on 26 October 2016
By Lee Musgrove
Firstly, delivery was excellent. The product is sealed ensuring it does no leak in transit. What can I say, this product has to be the best car shampoo on the market. I have tried many products and none compare to the Gold Class. It leaves the paintwork feeling great and streak less. It suds up well when needed and glides over the paintwork on the Mitt. It removes dirt with ease and really gives a great shine. Many shampoos I have used sometimes leave film on the car, this isn't one of them. I use it on a black BMW and it works perfectly. I have the car sealed and this does not strip any of the vital protection off. There is no better, I would definitely recommend, 5*

Great stuff, some of the best you can buy

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 on 11 March 2017
By Amazon_Customer
Great stuff, some of the best you can buy. Bought because I needed a wash that doesn't strip wax. Weirdly my car seems to now attract cats. Maybe they like the smell or something O_o

Very happy with meguires and won't use anything else

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 on 2 June 2017
By R. L. Charlesworth
I buy this for my husband who uses it on my Audi and his own Mustang, he swears by it saying it leaves the cars sparkling and spotless. Very happy with meguires and won't use anything else, he also says a little goes a long way and good vale for money.

Great results

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 on 8 August 2018
By Bugster
Brilliant results. So , i have used turtle wax “zip wax” for over 20 years , and thought it was all i needed. Having read lots about this i thought i would give it a try. Product goes on very easy , plenty of suds etc , smells great too! I used one bucket only on my civic , as apposed to nearly 2 with the zip wax. Cleans much easier and with less effort. Only annoyance is you pour 4 capfuls in per wash , but the cap is very shallow, so can spill if not careful. But a minor quibble really. Overall, highly recommended
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