Soft99 4146 Ultra Glaco, 70 ml

Do you hate driving in the rain? Does the thought of straining your vision while driving in the rain stress you out?

Well, worry no more because we have the solution for you. Introducing ULTRA GLACO Rain Repellant! ULTRA GLACO contains a special state-of-the-art fluorine formula (PAT-P) that provides an ultra-strong coating which resists friction by wipers, dust, car-wash or cleansers. This formula makes it 6 times longer lasting than conventional rain repellant products in the market and a one-time application can last for up to 1 year.

ULTRA GLACO Rain Repellant forms a transparent, crystallized, protective layer on windows and windshields causing water droplets to repel from the surface without adhering to windows and windshields. In addition, the extremely smooth post-treated surfaces will make it difficult to collect dust, thus keeping your car cleaner looking for longer periods.

Small and lightweight, ULTRA GLACO Rain Repellant fits perfectly in any glove compartment. Its easy application makes it convenient and simple to use at lunch break or while waiting to pick up the kids. Why struggle in the rain and jeopardise your life when you have basic technology to simplify your every drive? ULTRA GLACO Rain Repellant – make sure there's one in every glove compartment.

Note : Visit this link to guide you the steps to use SOFT99 Ultra Glaco :

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