Speed Guard | Replaces Car Wax and Car Polish | Nano Coating Technology | Instant Durable Car Paint Protection Spray | Works On Car, Caravans and Motorcycles | Repels Dirt And Water

Speed Guard Auto Nano Paint Protection Spray

Keeping your car's paintwork in showroom condition has never been easier faster or more effective when using Speed Guard Car Paint Protection.

Speed Guard can be applied in minutes compared to conventional car polishes or car waxes.

Instantly bonds to wet or dry surface so no need to dry your car just give it a wash then spray on Speed Guard wipe over the surface with a soft microfiber cloth, that's it you're DONE!!!

Speed Guard provides a Super Hydrophobic Coating that repels dirt, water and UV and leaves a durable easy clean surface.

High coverage a little goes a long way 250ml is sufficient for 2 applications on a medium size car.

Speed Guard can also be applied to your windscreens, glass, interior trims, matt surfaces and vinyl wraps.


► Super-Fast Application.

► Can be applied to wet or dry surface .

► Super Hydrophobic Effect.

► Repels Water, Dirt and UV.

► Faster and more durable than car wax.

► No Need for Wax or Car Polish.

► Leaves your Car in showroom condition.

►Temperature rating up to 275°C.

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