Swiftswan 430g Soft Paste Car Wax Round Polishing Wax Car Care Wash Protect Paint Repair(Color:Gray)


Super cleaning liquid type wax removes Scratches to restore original shiny colors of car bodies with easy application.

Applicable onto various metal products surface for clean and beautiful finish.


Assures durable protection of water repelling and deep beautiful gloss.

The product used for coating can instantly improve the luster, smoothness, and water repellence of the paint.

Keep in the shade, away from children.

How to use:

1. Wash off sandy dust and the other unwanted residue, and dry car body before use. If heavily soiled, remove any dirt in advance, because this product does NOT include cleaning capability.

2. Take a moderate amount of the wax onto the included sponge and spread it thinly and evenly.

3. After surface gets dry (5-10 min) wipe off with a dry soft clean towel for finish.


Material: metal

Color: gray

Size(D*H): 120*95mm

Net contents: 430g

State: paste

Shape: Round

Ingredient: resin, wax, petroleum series solvent

Package included:

1 x Car wax

1 x Sponge pad

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