Topfit 17″ Hard Screen Protector for Tesla Model S and Model X-Anti-scratch & Shock Resistant

Compatible with: Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X
Material: Tempered glass
Color: Transparent
Product Dimensions: Tesla Instrument Panel Screen Protector

We trialed a lot of screen protectors in an effort to find the very best option for your Model S, and we think we have the ideal solution.

We offer premium grade tempered glass. It offer excellent protection against scratches and UV light (this is important to prevent issues with polarized glasses). Because they're designed for automotive use, they all have anti-blue characteristics (which reduces reflective glare at night).

Each pack is supplied with an applicator card and an exclusive Model S Screen Cleaning cloth. Each protector is perfectly sized for the Model S screen, and with just a little care is easy to apply. If you're good at applying screen protectors to your phone or tablet, you'll have no issues here. This single pack comes with our HD anti-fingerprint option – This is an excellent choice if you want to protect your screen without changing any of its characteristics.

It has an oleo phobic layer which helps resist fingerprints, and also makes cleaning the screen much easier. It offers 99%+ visual transparency, and is the ideal option if you want a screen protector that you cannot actually see once applied. If you're concerned about maybe needing a practice run, please check our other products for a twin pack that doesn't cost much more.

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