Clean Your Car With The Power Of Nanotechnology


effectively eliminates all odours (including cigarette smoke), bacteria, allergens and carcinogenic VOCs evaporating into the interior of your car.

Is the interior of your car safe?

Nowadays, 45 percent of the population suffer from some form of allergy, and more than ten percent of people have asthma. One of the causes of this dramatic growth, which has begun in the 50’s of the last century, are environment polluting substances. They are nitrogen oxide, round level ozone, particles, pollen, as well as microorganisms living in the car seat covers (mites, etc.). There can be many if you also drive a dog or a cat in the car.

99.999% effectiveness in bacteria elimination
99.999% efficiency in viruses removal
99.999% efficacy in odour removal (odours, cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes)
99.9% reduction of volatile organic compounds
Reduction of the risk of contact diseases transmission up to 99.9%
Reduction of the incidence of allergens up to 99.9%
Significant decrease of micro dust particles
Air ionisation
Increased air quality
Favourable environment for asthmatic and allergic people


99.9% effectiveness in bacteria elimination

99.9% efficacy in odour removal

ONE treatment - Up to TWO years of protection guarantee!


* In order to be effective the Nanosterile coating has to be applied on a clean and dust free surface.

The Nanosterile service is to include interior vacuum cleaning and dusting but if the car requires more cleaning work inside full interior valet service may be required which is charged separately.