Soft99 420 Dark and Black New Scratch Clear Wax Mirror Finish, 200 g

200 g
New Scratch & Wax – Mirror finish is the latest product from soft 99 that you can not only for a beautiful mirror gloss, but thanks to the micro particles Oberflächlige scratches away. In other words are small scratches removed and at the same time an wax as required in one step. The simple as well as safe to use Makes It Possible which is also a bit of intermediate level in a very fine finish. Directions for use: Apply a small amount of wax on the included microfibre cloth and evenly massage in circular motion on the painted surface polishing. As there are long so polishing up residue is left behind and certainly no Gegebenerfalls wipe with a clean microfibre cloth. Do not use in direct sunlight or use on hot painted surface. For dark types of varnish.