Soft99 428 Pearl and Metallic Type Water Block Wax Gloss, 200 g

200 g.
Water drops have no power. With Water Block Wax from Soft 99 you get a enriched coating with natural carnauba wax coating, which not only ensures a particularly strong shine, but also has a particularly strong water-repellent effect. Water drops (almost) don't have a chance to stay on the paintwork and trickle off. Thanks to the newly developed polymers, water block wax lasts up to 3 months on car paint. Together with the ease of use, Soft99 is the 'must have' for enthusiasts.Application: With the help of the applicator, apply the Water Block Wax evenly to the cleaned painted surface in a cross stitch process application and leave on for approximately 5 – 10 minutes until it turns grey/white. Then polish with a clean microfibre cloth – job's done.