Autoglym Air Con Cleaner 150ml

Air-Con Cleaner cleans the air-con system, eradicating bad smells and leaving a refreshing citrus fragrance in its place. It is ideal for use after periods of prolonged inactivity for air-con systems. INSTRUCTIONS Aerosol should be at room temperature before use. Ensure all the cars windows and doors are closed and staret engine. Switch on the air conditioning system, set to low temperature, intermediate/middle blower speed and set it to recirculate internally rather than take air from outside. Ensure the face level fascia vents are open. Run engine for 5-10 minutes. SHAKE CAN THOROUGHLY. Position the can upright in foot-well with passenger seat moved fully back (or forward depending on vehicle model). Depress trigger into the lock-down position. Exit vehicle and close door. Once the can is fully discharged, allow the system to run for a further 5 minutes then switch off the engine and open all doors windows fully to ventilate the vehicle. Leave doors/windows open and allow vehicle to air for 5-10 minutes. Dispose of the aerosol can in an environmentally safe manner.