3 M 51303 Polishing Paste Polish Pink High Performance Wax

3 M Polish 3 M Polish Rosa High Performance Wax Residue Is Left Behind and certainly no repainting on plastics and rubber parts and easy to work with. This coating protects the nail polish for 10 to 15 car washes. The shine so stays for several months. Unlike non bound silicones 3MTMPolishRosa in high performance wax bound contain silicones. This is a particularly high quality, they are ideal. Also increases the durability of protection and shine grade Esauf painted surfaces, as well as polish Compatibility,. Easy manual or machine processing Prolonged protection than silicone-free sealing Larger processing window Best Abwischverhalten even after long periods drying Grey workmanship with pink polishing cloth or disposable polishing cloths Container Type: Bottle Capacity: 1 litre Specification: High performance wax colour: N/A