Door Defender NI 627843040002 Car Door Protection Black

Door Defender is a padded magnetic barrier which attaches to your car doors and protects them from neighbouring car door impacts. Each one has two pads which protect the front and rear door. The pads may be orientated in any way and joined together so are suitable for two door cars also. The DoorDefender® is sturdy, lightweight and fits almost any vehicle. Made with high intensity magnets, it easily sticks on your car door to protect it from dents and dings. It will not fall off, even in bad weather conditions. Note: Will not work on carbon fibre or aluminium car panels. Available in different colors or lengths. Suitable for 4 door or two door cars. —- — —- for more products, colours — Reduce the risk of damage in car parks. Adjacent car users actually take additional care around your vehicle. Anti-theft mechanism fitted.The item is Robust and has no moving parts and has been shown to last over 10 years. Note: Door Defender only works on cars which are magnetic e.g 99% of steel cars, this item does not work on aluminium or carbon fibre cars. Check magnetism before ordering. No refunds for lack of magnetism. The DoorDefender® is manufactured using a weatherproof fabric that is resilient to all weather conditions. Additionally, to protect the vehicle's paint when installing the product, the DoorDefender® has a durable felt backing that prevents the high intensity magnets from making direct contact with the vehicle's body panels and bumpers. Note:We do not ship to the Channel islands.£115 for 2 X Door Defender i.e. 4 pads £60 for 1 X Door Defender i.e. 2 pads