MATCC Microfibre Car Cleaning Cloths Upgraded 1200gsm Ultra-Thick Car Drying Towel Microfiber Cloth for Car and Home Polishing Washing and Detailing 16” x 16”(2 pack)

MATCC Microfiber Cloths – For Professional Car Care!
1200gsm super absorbent detailing towels (Pack of 2), designed with the silk edge that you can feel their softness and comfort,don't leave fluff or scratches.They are super absored,one towel may absorb about 1.4L.

What is GSM?
GSM is the key to measuring the quality of towels.The general towels, about 200 grams, be counted as thick. Most of the high-grade towels are 300GSM – 450GSM or so,GSM up to 600 or more, such towels feel fluffy and soft, are super absorbent durable, considered as the top. But MATCC car cleaning cloths are up to 1200gsm,is the first category of paint preparation, vehicle preparation and car polishing.
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