Auto Glym The Collection Perfect Bodywork, Wheels & Interiors

  • Autoglym bodywork wheels & interior kit.
  • How To Clean Your Car To Perfection
  • The Collection: Perfect Bodywork and Wheels by Autoglym Unboxing
  • 3-Steps to a Perfect Vehicle Interior
  • 3-Steps to Perfect Vehicle Bodywork
  • AutoGlym Body, Wheels & Interior complete Collection Kit Bag
  • Autoglym Bodywork Wash & Protect Complete Kit
  • AutoGlym Bodywork & Wheel Set
  • Autoglym interior cleaner vs lidl polish
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This collection contains nine carefully chosen products and accessories to help you clean, polish and protect your car bodywork, wheels and interior

Technical Details

  • Brand: Autoglym
  • Item Weight: 1000 Grams
  • Product Dimensions: 35 x 20 x 27 cm
  • Item model number: VP9SBWI
  • Manufacturer Part Number: VP9SBWI

Customer Reviews

A Perfect Interior is right

36 people found this helpful
 on 18 March 2016
By Dan
I gave my car a deep clean and these Auto Glym products certainly lived up to the companies reputation. The shampoo doesn't foam, which really helps when it comes to removing any residue from the fabric. The glass cleaner is one of the best I have ever used. I have never been able to completely clean the inside of the windscreen without leaving streaks of residue that end up catching the sun-light and obscuring your vision. This glass cleaner goes on, is left to dry (drying white) and then polished off. The fact that it dries white means that you will never leave any residue. I've left the best until last!! The vinyl care is fantastic. I used it on almost every piece of plastic and rubber without any issues, leaving everything clean and shining. The best thing is the lemon scent, it leaves the car smelling amazing!!

Amazing value kit but could do with more microfiber cloths in the bag

11 people found this helpful
 on 21 July 2018
By turnipboy
Having just purchased a new car I decided that I wanted to start cleaning the car myself as opposed to taking it to an Arc... or to an old petrol station that has been re-purposed as a hand car wash! I've used Autoglym products before and never had any issues so decided to look at their products. I was actually in a popular large UK car/bike/camping retailer when I came across this kit, however it was £89 there which seemed a little expensive. I checked on Amazon to see how much it was on there to discover that it was over £35 cheaper. I like to give retailers the benefit of the doubt and if it's a few quid difference I'm quite happy to buy from them for the convenience and, to give them my custom, but a £35 mark up is excessive! This really is a nice bundle of car cleaning kit and basically provides some products for cleaning the car body, interior and wheels. It also has a couple of microfiber cloths and a sponge included and it all comes in a nice zip up bag. On my first cleaning session I ended up using the majority of products and am very impressed with the overall results. Most of them are very easy to use and give great results.

The Perfect Gift For All Car Enthusiasts!

5 people found this helpful
 on 18 July 2017
By Lilly
Iv used Auto Glym products for many years the results are outstanding, i don't know many people who enjoy washing their cars as it can be back braking stuff, and hard work just to wipe the polish off,not until you use auto glym where wiping on and polishing off really is a breeze, not only will this bring the paint work back to looking brand new! it also puts a shield over your vehicle and theres no better feeling than to sit in your car when its pouring down and to watch as the rain bounces off. If you h never tried auto glym try it! gifted this to someone who loves their car, or selling a car etc invest your be glad you did! Just what you need when selling your car excellent results with very little effort. for the best results i personally use micro fibre cloths green blue yellow etc for glass/ plastic /body work etc

Really good set

 on 1 July 2018
By MikeHotel
For the price I paid (<£18) I think this is a really good buy. The shampoo is a good multipurpose cleaner, although I don’t use it on the seats as much. You’re better off buying a specific upholstery cleaner in my opinion. It will however do the job, and I cleaned a mouldy boot carpet with this stuff and it came up a treat. The glass cleaner is great and dries streak free, and a little goes a long way. It noticeably shines up windows that are already clean. It’s good stuff. The vinyl and rubber care is not a slam dunk, but I still like it. You need to be careful with the spray as the spots dry on if you miss them with your cloth. Also, it leaves the treated surface very slick. Do NOT use this on your steering wheel, or any other driving gears and levers. Otherwise, it smells great (kinda citrusy) and adds a shine to your dashboard and other interior bits. Good value.

Great products for a good deal.

One person found this helpful
 on 18 April 2017
By Your international money spender
A really good kit of quality products that will surely come in handy when cleaning your car. There are some cons to each of the product, but overall I'm really happy with them. Shampoo- This one I can't really rate as of yet. I tried cleaning my carpet floor mats with it, but either because they are too dirty, worn down because of long time use, or because I didn't put enough effort and time into cleaning em, it didn't really make a difference. However, it did clean my cars boot very nicely, which I had dirtied recently. The stains were tough enough that with normal water they didn't want to come out, but with just a squirt or two of the shampoo, and a bit of scrubbing, got rid of em. The smell is also nice, when you dilute it. At first I was afraid of using it because of the nasty smell, but it gets better after scrubbing and using some water (a wet microfiber towel) to clean it off. Fast glass- Worked great, and like the name says, fast. Nothing really much to say about it. It did take couple washes for some windows for me, but it might have been because they hadn't been washed for years. Washing them again weeks later didn't have same problem.

Showroom finish for a portion of the price!!

2 people found this helpful
 on 12 July 2016
By charlotte songhurst
I think these products are great!! I mean so far iv only used the shampoo, clean wheels and super resin polish due to rain starting while I was polishing, and I was super impressed! After I shampooed with their shampoo/conditioner and rinsed the car I then used a water scraper thing, I then used the cloth that comes with the kit to dry the car off! Even without the polish it looked amazing! The best it's ever looked since I first had the car! Then I began to use the polish and I was amazed at how it got rid of the small surface scratches!! By buying the kit with the super resin polish in it I saved myself lots of money! As I was going to pay a few hundred pounds to take it and have a garage polish it! I'm sure if the rest of the kit is anything like the few items iv already used then I'll definitely be buying the products again!!! If you want a showroom quality finish then definitely buy this kit! Love it!

A great set. Bought clean up car for sale and ...

2 people found this helpful
 on 3 January 2017
By Census
A great set. Bought clean up car for sale and they've really helped make it shine. Lots left over too so the one we're keeping looks amazing and will for ages. Really easy to use, although I'd recommend spraying onto a micro-fibre towel and then applying to avoid overspray onto other parts. Importantly to note, each one of these was fantastic in its own right - there was no "dog product" in the pack, so a great buy multi-pack if you don't yet have any of these.

Very impressive

 on 22 October 2018
By Dazzler
Bought this to protect our new family car (trying to look after this one). Never really thought about using products other than warm soapy water to clean a car before and did some research. After reading reviews of various products I plumped for this and I can say I'm very impressed. Our Black C Max looks awesome and I've just done my 09 silver Auris with it too. If you've never tried wax and sealant before, give it a go as a car with decent bodywork will look brandnew. I watched their helpful Youtube videos on how to use these three together. I'm going to purchase Autoglym wheels set to see how that performs too.
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