Autoglym 500ml Instant Tyre Dressing

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  • Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing
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  • Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing Review
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  • Autoglym - Instant Tyre Dressing
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Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing will completely revitalise tyres, leaving a new look sheen.The blend of durable polymers and protectants combine to transform the look of stained or weathered tyres.Can leave both a glossy or less glossy finish as required.Supplied in a 500ml trigger pack.Autoglym products are highly respected in over forty countries worldwide. They are approved by many of the worlds leading car manufacturers including Jaguar & Aston Martin.All Autoglym products are designed for ease of use as well as being unbeatable in their effect and combine to provide great value for money too!

Technical Details

  • Brand: Autoglym
  • Item Weight: 1 Kilograms
  • Product Dimensions: 25 x 19 x 21 cm
  • Item model number: ITD500US
  • Manufacturer Part Number: ITD500US

Customer Reviews

Its as good as if not better than many other tyre dressing ...

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 on 6 August 2017
By Longodds
Its as good as if not better than many other tyre dressing type products. Firstly, as its probably the last thing you do on the car or least the wheels, do NOT spray directly on to tyre as you WILL get overspray on your lovely alloys. This can be wiped away with no residue but that's just extra bloody work! I get an applicator pad (one you don't mind retiring to tyre duty) and spray onto the pad then wipe on to tyre. 3 - 5 applications should be enough to coat the tyre, Leave to dry and you get a lovely matt finish. For the glossy finish apply one or two more spurts on to the pad and apply to each tyre. Don not work into the tyre just swipe until the tyre is covered. Hey presto -showroom tyres. Use disposable gloves as the product can take a while to truly come away from your fingers. Just the smell. Otherwise great stuff. Am buying more now.

Excellent for tyres.... And Krocs footwear.

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 on 19 August 2017
By Zee
First pic shows tyre before being washed.... Second shows tyre after it's been washed but without using this product. Third one shows the tyre washed and after using the product. Works a treat... See for yourself. Wish the gloss would last longer than a few days but it still looks good. PS: if you wash your Kroc footwear and apply this is brings them back to life as well!

Great looking tyre dressing

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 on 8 July 2016
By Sammy
This was recommended by a neighbour, and I have now used it on my tyres with excellent results. I have found that although you can just spray it on the tyre, the best application is to spray it onto a brush, and then brush into the tyre. The results are great, with a good shine to the tyres. Note that you can buff off the residue to get a matt finish, but I prefer the shinier look. The shine produced is not the high gloss shine that some tyre dressings produce (which I find rather poor and easily seen as a dressed tyre), but rather the same shine that new tyres have. It took me less than 10 minutes to cover all 4 tyres. Not sure about longevity, but my neighbour (who washes his car with a power hose every week) says he gets a couple of months out of each covering. I will report more on this later.

Makes my tires match the rims 🙂

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 on 20 June 2017
Does the job, saw the corsa's with the black rims in the shop and it looked so good, so ended up getting one on finance. I didn't realise they blast the rubber of the tires with wax to keep them shiny so within a week of taking the car off the forecourt my rims we're darker than the rubber on my tires and it didn't look as good. This product, makes them shinny and jet black again :D.. lasts around a week of average driving. Rainy weather will shorten that duration for obvious reasons.

Good, perhaps not great

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 on 2 November 2017
By Gadget Geek
This adds a clean wet-look back to your tires which looks great just after washing your car. I find that it doesn't last too long however - though that's partly the weather which sees the roads get dirty and damp lots at the moment. Also wish it was good to use on the whole tyre, but you're only supposed to use it on the tyre wall, so leaving the rest of the tyre leaves you with gleaming tyre walls but dull everywhere else, probably looks worse if your tyres are low profile but very thick like mine. Overall 4 stars because I love the look when fresh on and you don't need that much, so you could top this up all the time if you wanted.

it sprays on with a whitish tint but that goes to leave the tyre looking really good. The only slight problem is you need to ...

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 on 12 June 2017
By Lynden Davies
This stuff leaves the tyre looking deep black and shiny, it sprays on with a whitish tint but that goes to leave the tyre looking really good. The only slight problem is you need to make sure it doesn't go on the wheel because it won't dry properly, and in turn stains the wheel until you next wash it.

New look tyre shine

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 on 3 June 2018
By Bargainer
Best way to apply this is to get a detailing brush, or clean paint brush, and spray a few shots of the solution directly to the brush, then apply to the tyre. Do not spray directly onto tyre or it may overspray onto the alloy wheels. It leaves a nice new tyre look. My tyres are 3 years old and look brand new after applying this stuff. Very good!

This is an amazing product. It is much more than just a ...

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 on 19 August 2014
By V Kourmousis
This is an amazing product. It is much more than just a tire dressing. Of course it makes the tires look exceptional, just spray sparingly on the tire and let it dry, but you can use it on more things. I use it on all black trims of my RAV4, and it makes it look like a brand new car. Try it and you will be amassed.
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